GEPARD CA CJSC being a player at the Russian construction market for more than 15 years proved itself to be a reliable partner, timely and in a good manner fulfilling all its obligations as a General Contractor and a Technical Customer, as well as Construction Supervision functions.

General contractor

- performs the whole range of works upon construction of buildings from demolition of existing buildings at the future construction site to opening of facilities with completed interior design and landscaped adjacent territory.

Technical customer

- the Construction Investor’s principal assistant who protects the Investor’s economic and technical interests and manages design and construction processes.

General Contractor Functions

  • Performance of the full range of construction and assembly works from earthworks to Object commissioning.
  • Works upon arrangement of external networks requisite for Object operation.
  • Selection of reliable subcontracting organizations, their coordination, control and works acceptance.
  • Interaction with inspecting, regulatory and supervisory authorities related to construction.
  • Arrangement of operation and commissioning of the completed Object.
  • Performance of other functions and works required for successful construction completion.

Technical Customer Functions

  • Development of the general construction concept.
  • Land title documentation.
  • Preliminary design preparation:
    • Scheme Design approval;
    • Obtaining of authorization documentation for designing and construction.
  • Designing:
    • receipt of specifications;
    • control over issue of construction documentation and its approval according to the established procedure;
    • obtaining of Moscow State Expertise opinion for a project;
    • arrangement of working documentation design and obtaining of its approval in the related organizations.
  • Construction:
    • obtaining of a construction permit and a building warrant;
    • performance of construction supervision (technical supervision);
    • control over documentation maintenance at the construction site in accordance with the regulatory documents;
    • preparation of necessary documents and certificates for Object completion and its commissioning;
    • participation in the acceptance committee and transfer of a completed Object to the Developer.


GEPARD Commercial Agency has the following construction licenses and certificates:
  • The License to carry out activities associated with installation, maintenance and repair of fire-safety devices of buildings and structures.
  • Certificate of Non-profit Partnership ‘Union of Small and Medium-sized Construction Organizations’ for access to specific types of works affecting the safety of Capital Construction Objects.
  • Other licenses and certificates.