GEPARD CA CJSC, has been working since 1998 providing services of operation and maintenance of utility networks of real estate items.

We have extensive experience in maintenance of administrative, retail and office buildings, storage premises, and we render the whole range of services upon maintenance and repair of engineering systems, as well as engineering structures of buildings.

Flawless operation of all utility networks in a building not only ensures the maximum comfort, but also gives economic benefit as far as it enhances the image of the owning company and a tenant for clients and partners.

The services of operation and maintenance of engineering systems include:

  • Monitoring of engineering systems.
  • Technical inspections and maintenance of engineering systems.
  • 24-hour control over technical condition and operation of engineering systems, execution of tenants' requests, all kinds of repairs.
  • Preventive maintenance of engineering systems and equipment.
  • Performance of seasonal and scheduled works.
  • Taking regular preventive actions.
  • Elimination of possible accidents and their consequences by a joint maintenance crew.
  • Maintenance of roofs, facades, load- bearing elements.
  • Monitoring and maintenance of roofs, facades, load-bearing elements of buildings etc., as required by their operation and intended use.
  • Maintenance of technical documentation, preparation of statements of work, approval of design documentation, making day-to-day engineering decisions.
  • Execution of agreements with special urban services.
  • Organization of purchase of expandable materials and equipment for maintenance of engineering systems.
  • Selection of contracting organizations for certain works performance upon the Customer’s request.


GEPARD Commercial Agency has the following construction licenses and certificates:
  • The License to carry out activities associated with installation, maintenance and repair of fire-safety devices of buildings and structures.
  • Certificate of Non-profit Partnership ‘Union of Small and Medium-sized Construction Organizations’ for access to specific types of works affecting the safety of Capital Construction Objects.
  • Other licenses and certificates.